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We're your trusted Mercedes brake specialists

If you’re seeking expert brake services for your Mercedes, look no further. At Brisbane Euro Service, our experienced team specialises in all aspects of Mercedes brake systems, from routine inspections to comprehensive repairs.

Established in 1963, we are committed to providing high-quality, reliable brake repair services with a focus on customer satisfaction and safety. Let us show you why we are the preferred choice when it comes to looking for Mercedes Benz mechanics in Brisbane.

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What do your Mercedes brake services include?

Brake pad replacement

Replacing worn brake pads is crucial for the safety and performance of your Mercedes. At Brisbane Euro Service, if you need your brake pads replaced, we use premium parts that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications to ensure your brakes provide optimal stopping power and durability.

Brake master cylinder service

The master cylinder is a vital component of your Mercedes’ brake system. Our technicians are skilled in both diagnosing problems and performing precise repairs or replacements to maintain the integrity and responsiveness of your braking system.

Comprehensive system inspection

Regular inspections help catch potential issues before they become serious. Our detailed checks include examining the brake pads, master cylinder, lines, and fluids to ensure every part of your Mercedes’ braking system is in top condition.

Brake fluid change

Brake fluid is essential for the proper functioning of your vehicle’s hydraulic brake system. We replace old fluid with high-quality, manufacturer-approved brake fluid to maintain the performance and safety of your brakes.

Brake discs and rotors

We assess and replace brake discs and rotors that show signs of wear or damage, using high-quality components designed for durability and performance. These parts are specifically suited to Mercedes vehicles.

Brake line inspections and repairs

Ensuring that brake lines are free from leaks and blockages is critical for safety. Our team conducts thorough inspections and repairs any issues with brake lines to maintain the effectiveness of your braking system.

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We've been servicing Brisbane-based Mercedes cars since 1963.

At Brisbane Euro Service, we’ve been Brisbane’s trusted specialists in Mercedes brake repairs since 1963, as we offer expertise and quality that sets us apart.

Our master mechanics aren’t just trained in dealership environments — they’re also proficient in the latest diagnostic technologies. Our commitment to transparency and quality means that each service on your car is conducted with the utmost care, and is there to ensure that in the event of a dangerous situation, your Mercedes will perform safely and reliably.

Trust us to maintain the critical components of your braking system with expertise and a focus on customer satisfaction.

Our expert brake specialists are here to get your vehicle working just as good as new.

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Why service your Mercedes car with us?

We're experts when it comes to Mercedes Benz brakes

At Brisbane Euro Service, our mechanics specialise in all aspects of Mercedes braking systems, from the brake pedal to the master cylinder. Trust us to maintain and repair your Mercedes to ensure your brakes respond when you need them most.

Thorough brake inspections and services

We offer a comprehensive range of brake services tailored to Mercedes vehicles, including brake pads replacement, brake lines inspection, and brake fluid changes. Whether you’re looking for routine maintenance or a major brake repair service, our approach is thorough to make sure every component of your brake system functions perfectly.

High-quality parts

In every brake service task, we use only the highest quality brake discs, pads, and fluids designed to meet or exceed the specifications of your Mercedes Benz. This commitment to quality ensures durability of your braking system, thereby keeping you safe on the road.

Reliable and trustworthy service

Your braking system is the most important safety feature in your vehicle, and your safety is our top priority. At Brisbane Euro Service, you can count on receiving reliable service from us that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations.

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With 5 conveniently situated shops around Brisbane, we're never too far away.

Brisbane Euro Service offers five strategically placed workshops throughout Brisbane’s CBD, ensuring easy access for all your Mercedes brake needs. Whether you’re near Milton, West End, Bulimba, Newstead, or Woolloongabba, our facilities promise top-tier service with the potential for same-day servicing.

We're the expert mechanics servicing Brisbane residents with value-driven prices

If you need your brakes inspected, schedule your service with our expert mechanics and experience top-quality, customised care at the most competitive price available. Find out why we have been the leading specialists in car servicing and maintenance in Brisbane since 1963.