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When you own a Volkswagen, you want to enjoy your time behind the wheel, not watch with intrepidation as the odometer is ticking over towards your next service. At Brisbane Euro Service, we provide a five-star VW service at a fraction of the cost of a dealer’s service, so you can start enjoying your drive again.

All our book services are fully guaranteed. In addition, we retain your factory warranty because of our use of genuine VW parts. But ultimately, our experience with European cars and excellent customer service keeps people returning to us.

If you need comprehensive VW car servicing in Brisbane, book us and discover the independent European-make specialist difference.

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Five-star Volkswagen service

Our team of car mechanics specilaise in European carmakers at multiple locations across Brisbane. It’s part of our core value to be convenient for our customers.

It would not be Volkswagen servicing if we didn’t focus on the customer experience. We offer 24/7 secure drop-off for those without the time to drop off their Volkswagen at our clean and state-of-the-art workshop. It’s just one of the reasons why Brisbane Euro Service offers the best in Volkswagen car servicing. We also have workshops in five locations across Brisbane; Milton, West End, Bulimba, Newstead and Woolloongabba.

We have specialised in European vehicles for almost half a century and have offered a professional, personalised Volkswagen service since we opened our doors in Brisbane in 1974.

Try a different level of VW servicing from mechanics who appreciate your business, not just expect it.

Call us now to book your Volkswagen servicing and automotive care you should expect.

The services we provide

Along with a complete Volkswagen regular and log book servicing, we offer all the services you would expect from a group servicing VW cars for almost 50 years.
We provide;

  • Safety Certificate – For a complete inspection of your Volkswagen’s roadworthiness and safety for you and others on the road so that you can confidently drive.
  • Brakes -Your Volkswagen brakes are some of the most reliable on the market, and we ensure it stays that way. We only use genuine Volkswagen brake parts.
  • Suspension – You don’t need a suspension specialist when you have a VW car servicing specialist who understands every moving part.
  • Tyres and fitting – Our service centres partner with a tyre provider that shares our passion for European carmakers, such as VW.

Why are we number one for VW service in Brisbane?

Integrity and Honesty

Every one of our service professionals, from the person at the desk to the car details out back, treats you and your property with the utmost respect. We only use genuine VW parts, and we will provide a details breakdown of the work done on your vehicle, what wear and tear needs to be looked at next service, and tips to get the most from your Volkswagen driving experience.


When you have five VW service centres across inner city suburbs in Brisbane where you can drop your car off in a secure location 24 hours a day, seven days a week, that is convenience when you have the customer in mind. We know VW drivers are busy people and need the level of comfort you would expect from five-star service.

Professional customer care

You know you will get superior care when you come in for a VW servicing at one of our Brisbane service centres. It is part of our core values that we have had since 1974 when we opened out the door. It is why Volkswagen drivers keep coming back time and time again.

High-performance team

European carmakers are not just about prestige but also precision. After all, you drive VW for the simple driving pleasure of being in a highly engineered machine. So why would you expect any less from your VW service team? We are highly trained and up-to-date, with a solid commitment to compliance for all team members. We use only the most state-of-the-art tools and computer analytical tools for unparalleled VW car servicing care in Brisbane.

FAQ for Volkswagen drivers

Here are some of your questions answered, but if you can’t find the answers you want, then contact us and talk to a friendly customer service professional.

Are you RACQ accredited?

Yes. We are accredited, and you get all the benefits of being a member of Queensland’s largest club.

Can you help non-VW drivers?

Yes. We specialise in European carmakers but have the know-how and experience to service a wide range of precision vehicles. We also are confident in servicing some rare cars, so check with our service professionals.

Will you contact us before any new work on my Volkswagen?

Absolutely. Transparency is a crucial part of our integrity. If we discover something that needs attention, or action that can be taken now to reduce risk to your vehicle, we will contact you and discuss options.

What Volkswagen Models do you service?

Volkswagen Arteon
Volkswagen Beetle
Volkswagen e-Golf
Volkswagen GLI
Volkswagen Golf GTI
Volkswagen Jetta GLI
Volkswagen Rabbit
Volkswagen Tiguan
Volkswagen Atlas
Volkswagen CC
Volkswagen Eos
Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Jetta
Volkswagen Passat
Volkswagen Routan
Volkswagen Tourareg

If it’s Volkswagen, we service it.

What are common faults with Volkswagens?

As with any vehicle brand, there are several common faults that can occur in Volkswagen vehicles. Some of the most common issues reported by Volkswagen owners include:

  1. Electrical issues: Electrical problems are common in Volkswagen vehicles, including issues with the ignition coils, alternator, and battery.
  2. Transmission problems: Transmission issues such as slipping, hard shifting, and fluid leaks have been reported in various Volkswagen models.
  3. Engine problems: Some Volkswagen models have experienced problems with the engine, such as oil leaks, timing chain tensioner failures, and intake manifold issues.
  4. Suspension and steering problems: Suspension and steering problems, such as worn ball joints, worn control arm bushings, and steering rack leaks, have been reported in various Volkswagen models.
  5. Brake problems: Some Volkswagen models have reported problems with the brakes, including premature wear of the brake pads and rotors, and brake booster failures.

It is important to note that while these are common issues reported by Volkswagen owners, not all Volkswagen vehicles will experience these problems, and many can be avoided with proper maintenance and care. Regular maintenance, such as oil changes, tire rotations, and brake inspections, can help prevent many of these issues.

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