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At Brisbane Euro Service, we’re committed to offering Brisbane residents top-notch brake and clutch services.

With decades of experience under our belts, our team is here to provide expert solutions tailored to meet your specific vehicle needs. We understand the importance of reliable brakes and a smooth-operating clutch in your daily driving and are here to ensure your vehicle never fails to perform at its best.

Trust us to maintain your car’s safety with our professionalism and care.

  • Over 60 years of specialised brake and clutch experience
  • Fast, reliable service tailored to your schedule
  • Commitment to safety and quality with every service
  • Competitive pricing on all brake and clutch repairs
A car mechanic checking the brakes under a car as part European Car Log Book Servicing and European Car Brake Repairs in Brisbane

We provide a range of brake and clutch services to Brisbane residents

Brake pad replacement

Safe driving starts with effective braking. Our brake pad replacement service involves removing worn pads, inspecting the brake system for additional issues, and installing new premium quality brake pads to ensure optimal braking performance.

Clutch repair services

Experiencing a sticking or squeaking clutch pedal? Our clutch repair services address issues from worn-out clutch plates to faulty master cylinders, ensuring your clutch operates smoothly and your vehicle transitions gears seamlessly.

Brake servicing

Regular maintenance of your braking system is crucial for safety. Our brake servicing includes a thorough inspection and servicing of brake lines, discs, and fluids to prevent future failures and maintain efficient stopping power.

ABS diagnostics and repairs

Advanced Brake Systems (ABS) require precise expertise to maintain. We utilise state-of-the-art diagnostics tools to identify any ABS faults quickly and accurately, and, if needed, follow up with expert repairs that keep your brake system responsive and reliable.

Clutch adjustment and replacement

Incorrect clutch pedal height or a clutch that doesn’t engage can be signs of wear or misalignment. Our team expertly adjusts and replaces clutch components to restore proper function and driver comfort.

Brake fluid change

Brake fluid needs to be replaced periodically to ensure braking efficiency. We drain old fluid, clean the system, and refill with high-grade brake fluid suited to your vehicle’s specifications.

Drum and rotor servicing

Our drum and rotor servicing involves resurfacing worn drums and rotors, checking for alignment, and adjusting as needed to extend the life of your brake system components.

We're the car experts Brisbane residents have trusted since 1963.

At Brisbane Euro Service, we’ve been a staple of the North Brisbane community since 1963, offering unparalleled brake and clutch services at competitive prices. Our team of ex-dealership, master-trained mechanics specialises in European vehicles, and employs the latest diagnostic technology to ensure precise and efficient service.

We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality parts, and provide a comprehensive range of options from genuine to cost-effective alternatives. Our dedication to transparency and customer communication sets us apart, ensuring you remain in control and informed about the care of your vehicle.

Choose us for a trusted, expert service that guarantees your vehicle’s safety and optimal performance on the road.

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Why choose Brisbane Euro Service for your Brisbane brake and clutch repairs or maintenance?

Brake and clutch expertise

Our dedicated team is highly skilled in all facets of clutch and brake repairs. We ensure that whether it’s replacing clutches or conducting a general brake service to maintain optimal performance, your vehicle is handled with the utmost precision and care.

Quality parts, quality service

We stand by the quality of our work by using only the best parts available. Our commitment to quality means that when you come to us for brake or clutch services, you’re getting work that lasts longer and protects your vehicle’s integrity.

Advanced diagnostics and technology

Keeping up with the latest technology is vital, especially when it comes to complex systems like your car’s ABS. Our repair centre is equipped with cutting-edge ABS diagnostics tools that help us accurately assess and fix any issues, ensuring that your brake system is as responsive and effective as possible.

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

At Brisbane Brake and Clutch Specialists, our focus is always on providing excellent service and achieving high levels of customer satisfaction. We understand the importance of trust and reliability in our business, and we strive to exceed your expectations with every visit to our repair centre.

Servicing regions all across Brisbane

We operate out of five strategically located workshops around Brisbane’s CBD, including Milton, West End, Bulimba, Newstead, and Woolloongabba. Each location offers dealership-level service with the convenience of same-day service options, making it easy to find quality care for your European vehicle close to home or work.

Our dedicated team is here to ensure your car receives the attention it deserves, quickly and efficiently.

A car mechanic testing the brakes with a tablet device during a European Car Log Book Servicing and European Car Brake Repairs in Brisbane

Expert mechanics at exceptional value

Since 1963, we’ve been recognised as Brisbane’s leading specialists in car servicing and maintenance, setting the standard for quality and value. Schedule a service with our expert mechanics and experience that top-tier, customised care at unbeatable prices.