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Porsche means luxury and is infamous for exceptional engineering, design and performance. As a Porsche owner, you deserve only the best quality care for your prized possession. At Brisbane Euro Service, we understand the level of excellence you demand and are here to deliver. 

Our experienced technicians use only genuine Porsche parts* and the latest diagnostic tools to ensure your Porsche gets the top-quality service it deserves. As an independent Porsche servicing centre in Brisbane since 1974, we have built a reputation for delivering dealership-quality services at a fraction of the cost. Our commitment to customer satisfaction has remained unchanged over the decades, and we take pride in continuously providing personalized service and exceptional customer care.

Contact us now to discover how we can offer you the best Porsche car service in Brisbane, backed by our exceptional quality and customer satisfaction guarantees.

(*by request, particularly for older vehicles that are now outside their warranty period)

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Five-star Porsche servicing

At Brisbane Euro Service, we hold ourselves to a high standard of customer service. Our goal is not only to meet but exceed your expectations and consistently deliver a five-star experience.

We value your time, so to accommodate your busy life schedule we offer flexible drop-off options at all five of our state-of-the-art modern Brisbane workshops. Our commitment to transparency means you’ll be informed about what we’re doing at every stage of the service process, and our easy-to-understand explanations of any required work will provide you peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in excellent hands.

The services we provide

At Brisbane Euro Service, we understand the importance of keeping your Porsche in top-notch working order. Our skilled, experienced, and dedicated team of technicians are committed to providing comprehensive support, ensuring your car remains in only the most optimal condition.

Equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment, our technicians can handle any issues your car might have, allowing us to provide a one-stop shop for all your vehicle’s needs. Our superior servicing is backed by professional customer care and unbeatable value for money, with our service prices being lower than those from a dealership. Not just that, but we’re also able to preserve any factory warranties your car might have.

In addition to general logbook and breakdown repairs, we offer specialized services tailored specifically to Porsche cars, including:

  • Safety Certificates: Our detailed safety inspection ensures that your Porsche’s safety features are up to par, giving you peace of mind while driving.
  • Brakes: Our technicians use only genuine parts to provide optimal and precise braking performance, ensuring your Porsche brakes meet safety standards.
  • Lights: Our certified auto electricians have extensive experience working on Porsche electrical systems, making us the ideal choice for light services.
  • Suspension: We have specialists available immediately to handle any Porsche suspension issues your car may have. 
  • Tyres & Fitting: Our experts provide the best advice on fitting and aligning Porsche tyres for top-notch handling on the road.

Contact us today to discover the benefits an independent Porsche car servicing Brisbane centre can provide to you.

What makes us one of the best Porsche service centres in Brisbane?

Integrity & Honesty

We firmly believe that honesty regarding our services and upholding integrity in every interaction is fundamental to creating outstanding customer satisfaction. We’ll be transparent in every exchange to give you peace of mind about our work on your car.


Our customers enjoy unmatched convenience as we provide top-quality maintenance services at all five of our cutting-edge workshops. Additionally, we respect your busy schedule and offer the flexibility of dropping your car off at a secure location whenever is most convenient for you.

High-performance team

At Brisbane Euro Service, we recognize that nothing is more vital than ensuring your Porsche runs smoothly. Our team of proficient technicians are dedicated to staying updated on the latest procedures, compliance mandates, and diagnostic tools to provide exceptional quality service to your vehicle each time it enters our facility.

Professional customer care

We’ve undergone significant changes since we started servicing cars 50 years ago, but one thing has remained constant: our steadfast dedication to offering you, the customer, the finest quality car servicing in Brisbane.
Your satisfaction with our work is paramount. While working on your vehicle, we’ll prioritize your requirements and concerns to ensure our service produces the results you envisioned.

FAQ from Porsche drivers

We have questions answered here from our years of experience and customer interaction. If you have a question, contact one of our professional and friendly customer support staff.

I have warning lights on my dashboard. What should I do?

If warning lights appear on your Porsche’s dashboard, don’t panic. These exist to detect and alert you about deviations in your car’s anticipated performance.

It’s crucial to familiarize yourself with what each of your Porsche’s warning lights mean so you can pinpoint the issue with your vehicle. This information can be found in your car’s manual. 

Taking your Porsche to a certified service centre, such as our own, is advised for thorough diagnostic check-ups and regular maintenance. This is particularly significant in preventing minor issues indicated by warning lights from evolving into major concerns.

Does your workshop service other vehicles?

It does! Our workshop provides maintenance for various vehicles, including European car brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Mini Cooper, and Land Rovers.

With years of experience servicing European cars, our team of proficient technicians is well-prepared to handle exceptional models. If you possess an imported or atypical vehicle that requires specific attention, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be more than happy to assist.

Do you contact me before doing unscheduled work on my car?

100%. Before performing any unscheduled work on your vehicle, we will always notify you.

At Brisbane Euro Service, we are dedicated to maintaining total transparency when handling your car. We will explain the necessary fixes, provide an estimated cost, and use only genuine parts and approved methods to complete any required repairs – but only once we have your consent.

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