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Renault is one of France’s most iconic car companies. Its precision engineering has been showcased in motorsports around the world. And Renault owners get that feel of an inspired drive whenever they sit behind the wheel. That is why someone who owes the French-designed car values a special Renault service team.

At Brisbane Euro Service, we have a team of top-quality and compliant technicians who use only genuine parts and the latest diagnostic technology for every Renault service in Brisbane.

We offer genuine log book services in Brisbane that you would expect from a dealership, but for a fraction of the price and a lot more care.

Contact us to discover the difference an independent Renault servicing team can make to your service experience.

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Five-star customer care

A lot has changed with European carmakers since we opened our Brisbane workshops in 1974. But there are a few things that have always stayed the same. The first is our commitment to customer care, and the second is always being the most up-to-date and innovative service team.

After all, innovation is what made Renault such a distinguished carmaker.

Convenience is one of the critical elements of our customer care. So we offer all Renault services at our five locations around Brisbane.  

We also understand that you are busy and don’t always schedule a Renault car service into your schedule. That is why we offer you a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week drop-off at a secure location. So get your car to us at a time that suits you.

Our services

One of the features of our workshop is that it is a one-stop shop for all your Renault servicing needs in Brisbane. So you can come to us for your regular schedule log book service, you can come to us when you feel a vibration in your steering or a warning light comes on, and you can come to us if, all of a sudden, everything stops.

That’s because, at our state-of-the-art Renault workshops, we have the certifications and confidence for services to retain your factory warranty, we have the knowledge on every part of your Renault for those unscheduled maintenance issues, and we have the experience to handle any breakdown service.

Along with general log book and breakdown services, we also do the following;

  • Safety Certificates – When driving a Renault, you want peace of mind that you are driving a safe vehicle. Our detailed safety inspections are what you need.
  • Brakes – A Renault brake service is vital to ensure that you get the best braking performance from your car. We only use genuine parts to ensure precise braking performance.
  • SuspensionYou don’t need a suspension specialist when you have a technician specialising in Renault suspension services.
  • Tyres & fittingAt Brisbane Euro Service, we can also fit tyres and align wheels on your Renault so you get the best handling on the road.

When we say we have every service you need under one roof, we mean it. Contact us to learn how we can help with your Renault service in Brisbane.

What makes us the number one Renault car service in Brisbane?

Integrity and Honesty

We would only last in the car servicing industry since 1974 if we lived by the principles of honesty and integrity in everything we do. It is core to our customer service that has stayed the same for year


It is not just about our processes but about knowing what the customer needs from a Renault service. That’s why we offer our services for Renaults at every state-of-the-art workshop. So you don’t have to drive around to get each service you need in your car.

High-performance team

When driving a Renault, you’re driving a high-performance car. That’s why you need a high-performance team backing you up. Our Renault car service team have had decades of experience working on vehicles like yours. And they are regularly retrained in the latest process to maintain high compliance with the European carmaker.

Professional customer care

Along with value for money, an independent is better than a dealership in customer care. We have been living and breathing customer service since 1974. It’s why we provide the very best Renault care service in Brisbane.

FAQ from Renault drivers

We have serviced Renauts for decades, and here are a few answers to the most common questions that we get. If you have any more questions, contact one of our friendly customer care professionals for all the information you need on Renaults.

I have warning lights on my dashboard; what should I do?

Firstly don’t panic. Renaults are precision engineered and designed to run at peak performance, so they have dozens of sensors to tell you when things are not quite right. You should read the manual to help you identify more severe issues to limit damage to your car. The best option is to reach out to a certified Renault service centre and get it checked.

Do you do other carmakers?

We specialise in European carmakers, so while we are excellent for Renault servicing in Brisbane, we also service BMW, Mercedes Benz, Mini Cooper and Land Rovers. We have years of experience, so we also know a lot about rarer models. Give us a call. You might be surprised at what we know.

Do you check with me before doing any unscheduled work on my Renault?

100%. Transparency and honesty are core to our customer service. We will always talk to you about any work needed on your car and advise you on future maintenance.

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