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Maserati cars are a pinnacle of Italian engineering that blend high performance handling with unparalleled luxury, speed, and sophistication. At Brisbane Euro Service, we make it our mission to provide services that exceed the high standards required to maintain these vehicles.

With decades of experience repairing European luxury cars, our skilled technicians are equipped with the tools and know-how to service any kind of Maserati. From the sleek lines of Quattroporte’s to the dynamism of Ghibli’s, we ensure every model receives the meticulous care it deserves, so we can preserve the reliability our customers expect of their vehicle.

Whether you’re navigating the urban landscapes of Brisbane or cruising scenic routes throughout other regions in Australia, you can trust Brisbane Euro Service to ensure your Maserati performs flawlessly mile after mile.


We offer 5-star Maserati repairs

At Brisbane Euro Service, we have extensive knowledge of how to execute precise and detailed Maserati repairs each and every time. We’re committed to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction, so if you aren’t satisfied with your car’s care, we’ll be happy to take another look at your vehicle until everything is as you expect.

Our state-of-the-art Brisbane facilities are equipped with the latest technology specifically designed to handle the unique requirements of Maserati’s. This, combined with our skilled technicians’ passion for European luxury vehicles, guarantees that with us your Maserati will receive the care it deserves.

What’s included in our Maserati servicing?

At Brisbane Euro Service, we pride ourselves on providing unparalleled servicing for Maserati vehicles.

Our services follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to the letter to ensure your vehicle remains eligible for warranty coverage. We also only leverage genuine or OEM-equivalent parts and advanced diagnostic tools to deliver premium services that embody the essence of Italian excellence — all at a value that respects your budget.

Our Maserati service offerings include:

  • Safety Certificate — Maserati’s are synonymous with luxury and safety. Our comprehensive safety inspections guarantee your Maserati remains one of the safest vehicles on the road.
  • Brakes — We use genuine or OEM-equivalent parts to ensure our brake services match the manufacturer’s standards exactly. This ensures your car retains its unparalleled safety and performance features.
  • Suspension and steering — The superior handling of your Maserati is largely attributed to its precision-engineered suspension and steering system. Don’t look elsewhere when our technicians specialise in servicing these systems for luxury European cars. We’re here to offer you our expertise in enhancing the quality of your Maserati’s next ride.
  • Tyres and fitting — With the right tyres, you can maximise your Maserati’s performance. Our staff understand how to match your vehicle with the tyres that best complement its dynamic handling, so you can ensure every ride is smooth and luxurious.

What makes us the best Maserati service centre in Brisbane?

Integrity & honesty

Our purpose is to treat every vehicle and customer with the respect they deserve. We ensure honesty, integrity, and transparency in every diagnosis and service recommendation we provide.


At Brisbane Euro Service, we’re all about convenience and commitment to providing top-tier Maserati servicing. With extended hours, easy booking, and easily accessible Brisbane locations, keeping your car regularly serviced has never been more straightforward.

Highly trained team

Our technicians receive ongoing training in the latest Maserati models and technologies. This commitment ensures that when you leave your car with us, it’s in the hands of professionals who understand the nuances of your vehicle as well as you do.

Value for money

Premium servicing doesn’t have to equal premium prices. Our services are designed to extend the lifespan of your vehicle at a fraction of your dealership’s costs. We ensure every dollar spent is an investment in the enduring performance and luxury of your Maserati.

FAQ for our Maserati service and repairs

Here are some of the questions we get asked most by our clients. Should you have any other concerns not covered here, please reach out to talk with one of our friendly customer service experts.

Should I be worried about warning lights on my dash?

Stay calm. Maserati vehicles include numerous sensors that monitor every aspect of your car. These lights are meant to alert you, not cause alarm. At Brisbane Euro Service, we’re able to conduct a comprehensive Maserati diagnostic evaluation to pinpoint and fix the precise problem, so you can avoid any costly guesswork.

What should I do if my steering wheel is rattling and bumping?

This issue could stem from the wheels or suspension system. If you also experience shaking during braking, it might be related to the brake system. Regardless of the cause, it’s something that needs immediate attention. Fortunately, we’re well-equipped to repair Maserati brakes, suspension, and wheels in all of our Brisbane workshops.

Will you contact me before doing any unrequested work on my car?

Absolutely. We ensure you’re updated on any issues we uncover during the servicing of your Maserati — so rest assured, we’ll always seek your approval before proceeding with extra work.

What Maserati models do you service?

If it’s Maserati, we service it.

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